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Chris’s Top 5 Moments from the CM Wines S. American Voyage

Chris’s Top 5 Moments from the CM Wines S. American Voyage

After seeing first hand the care and attention Raol Joffre pays to his vineyards in the Uco Valley, it was an absolute pleasure to witness every step of the process in crafting his 2007 Premium Malbec. From the grape to the glass!

The experience was made even better when served with a 28-day aged Argentinian Rib Eye – Ding Dang Do! You’ll be happy to know we snapped up the rest of the 07 and the 08 will be arriving in June.











The last time I was 1,300m up a mountain I was knee deep in powder snow. It was certainly an odd experience trying to catch some shade under 80-year-old grape vines in the 27 degree heat! However, I shouldn’t complain. It’s these conditions that allows the Malbec grape to develop its perfect juicy concentration.











Another highlight of mine was visiting the 150 hectare Schroeder Vineyard in Patagonia. Thankfully they had a plane to ferry us around! Their hospitality was second to none. We thought it was only fair we chipped in with a bit of the work and rolled up our sleeves!








They say it takes two to tango and this couple absolutely nailed it. We spotted them when first arriving in Buenos Aires. Howard and myself were contemplating giving them a run for their money, but our tango shoes were in the suitcase under lock and key.

As a city BA is amazing. A vibrant metropolis of 14 million people who love good wine and football. My kind of place!











Here’s a photo of Jimena Joffre presenting the jewels in the Joffre Crown. Their 07 Premium Malbec, and the daddy of them all, the R.J. Distinto

Raol Joffre has run his vineyard with his four daughters since 1999 and produces some of the most glorious fruit-driven reds we’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Joffre is the epitome of a boutique family-run winery, an iconic producer who’s a legend in the making.











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