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Chris’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

Chris’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Marano comes a red that’s gained a reputation for being bold and intense. It’s no surprise this Amarone has been christened ‘La Bastia’ . . . The Beast! A true Italian stallion!

Made from the Corvina grape it’s an enormous red with perfect balance, rich overstones and lovely intense flavours of blackcurrant and liquorice. It really is the ultimate Italian red for the festive season and a perfect match for roast meats and game.

A rare and noble masterpiece of a wine that has, without doubt, earned a place on my Christmas day dining table. Please get in touch to arrange a tasting and reserve a case or two for the big day.


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Chris’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

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