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Why wine stored properly tastes better

EuroCave Eurocave UK has spent more than 15 years explaining to customers that all wine is stored at the same temperature. A common request made is “I need one for my red and one for my white”. Wine is only kept at different temperatures for service. Imagine you had a traditional cellar under your house, which is where you would keep your red, white, rosé, fortified and fizz. One room, one temperature. Hopefully, year round, the temperature would vary only a little and certainly in any given 24hrs it would remain virtually constant.

charles mitchell wines eurocave cabinetWine is not nearly as fragile as many people believe. Wine is sent around the country in vans during the summer and winter, (though I’d discourage anyone from ordering wine for delivery in the height of the summer), it is flown around the world, sent on ships, it sits in retail and restaurant spaces for months.

But in the end, wine stored properly tastes better. The gentle and slow maturation of fine wine created for aging delivers a complexity unachievable by any other method. Most of the world’s wine is produced to be, and is, drunk within 12 months, so unless you freeze it or heat it until the cork pops out, these wines do not require a perfect cellar.

If you do keep several or more cases of wine at home, and want to store your wine in a perfect cellar environment, you could consider a climate controlled Eurocave wine fridge. These units in varying sizes with capacities of up to 200 bottles hold wine at 12-13°c with humidity maintained above 50%. There are many features of these products that are exclusive to Eurocave including soft close rolling shelves (like your kitchen drawers), 360 degree internal UV free ‘halo’ lighting and individual bottle supports on each shelf that adapt to the myriad of different bottle shapes on the market. One key point is that all the models heat as well as cool so when placed in a freezing unheated garage, they maintain the wine at 12-13°c.

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