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Howard’s Top 5 Moments from the CM Wines S. American Voyage

Howard’s Top 5 Moments from the CM Wines S. American Voyage

The fantastic Cellars at the Schroeder Winery. Here’s one to tell the grandkids about. During their excavation the family found the remains of a large dinosaur, hence why their Malbec is called Saurus! Come to think of it I’m feeling like a bit of a dinosaur. CM wines is a third of a century old this year.








Myself, Luis Schroeder and their vineyard manager deep in the heart of the Alto Valley, Patagonia. It’s amazing to think the Titanosaur once roamed these hills millions of years ago. Speaking of Dinosaurs, I’ve not got a clue where Chris was during this prime photo opportunity.








It was a pleasure meeting Susan Balbo, the Evita of wine – the First lady of Malbec. It was even more of an honour to share a bottle of her world-famous Nosotros Malbec. A dense, rich red with an alluring nose of toasty oak, licorice and lavender and most importantly, dark fruits.











I could not resist getting a bit ‘arty’ with my camera. I managed to capture this fantastic photo in the Joffre winery whilst watching the Malbec being lovingly crafted. It gets the taste buds going, doesn’t it.








Chris and myself with the main man, Raol Joffre. We’ll never forget the hospitality Raol provided for us. Regardless of our business connection, we both agree, we’ve made a friend for life. One of the wine industry’s great characters and a lovely man.

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