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Howard’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

Howard’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

If Chris’s wine is the beast, my wine of the month can only be considered the King . . . the King of Beaujolais.

Made by Christophe La Pierre and his family, this 2010 Beaujolais can only be described as a soft, elegant, fruit-driven, medium bodied wine with lots of style. Subtle overstones of cherries, iris and violets mingle on your palate to produce a delicate and sublime wine-tasting experience.

The soft tannins and fruity characteristics make it a perfect match with red meats and cheese. This Beaujolais is a wine to suit all palates making it the ideal red to serve at a festive gathering with friends and family. Please get in touch to arrange a tasting and reserve a case or two for the big day.


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Howard’s Wine of the Month – November 2013

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