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Chateau De Mercues

Chateau De Mercues


Georges Vigouroux’s top priority when he bought Château de Mercuès in 1983 was to restructure the vineyard, chiefly on the surrounding gravely hillocks in the communes of Caillac and Mercuès. The plots he acquired were replanted and the chai was built under the château gardens. The particularity of Château de Mercuès is its viticultural method, which was used in the last century before phylloxera – significantly increasing planting density.

The history of Cahors vineyards begins in Roman times, and we know that black wine was drunk at the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England in 1152. In 1865 all the vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera, although winemaking continued with hybrids that lacked the quality of the original wines. It has taken decades for the renewed ‘cépage’ to be finally adopted. Improvements were begun in the 1970s, and huge efforts have been made to improve our wines. Today our ‘terroir’ and work is finally recognised. It is a true rebirth of Cahors wines.

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